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SWIFT SHIFT maximizes enterprise homecare staffing and retention

SWIFT SHIFT is a SaaS, AI-powered, HIPAA-compliant platform that allows enterprise homecare agencies to hire faster, improve retention, maximize staff field hours with easily scheduling, and onboard new patients, all via user-friendly apps.

Our core value lies in addressing the needs of nursing staff, and agencies: We harness our technology to optimally match nurses and caregivers with cases that suit them professionally and personally, and then pay them daily. In parallel, we make placement scheduling quick and smooth, freeing up management, and allowing nursing staff to do what they love most - care for their patients.


We are based in New York and Philadelphia and have been operating since 2015. We are backed by venture capital investors that understand the need and value of a better homecare experience that will attract the next 2m employees to the homecare industry.

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