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How A Change in Logo Can Reflect the Evolving Company’s Vision

Dan Mano, CMO September 17, 2019 When building SWIFT SHIFT, our main priority was to improve the state of America’s home health care […]

5 Technologies That Inspire Our Home Healthcare Recruitment Engine

Healthcare is undergoing a modern reformation. Just look at the latest headlines from JPMorgan, Amazon, Walmart, and Berkshire Hathaway. Times they are a […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Addressing the Nursing Shortage

Right now the U.S. is facing a nurse shortage crisis. With demand and costs rising everyday, it’s getting harder and more expensive to […]

Private: White Paper: Discover Your Hidden Workforce

Stop the Revolving Door of Recruitment Re-engage your most qualified, valuable nurses Recruitment is costing health care organizations close to $3 billion every […]