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5 Technologies That Inspire Our Home Healthcare Recruitment Engine

Healthcare is undergoing a modern reformation. Just look at the latest headlines from JPMorgan, Amazon, Walmart, and Berkshire Hathaway. Times they are a […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Addressing the Nursing Shortage

Right now the U.S. is facing a nurse shortage crisis. With demand and costs rising everyday, it’s getting harder and more expensive to […]

Private: White Paper: Discover Your Hidden Workforce

Stop the Revolving Door of Recruitment Re-engage your most qualified, valuable nurses Recruitment is costing health care organizations close to $3 billion every […]

Assaf Shalvi is Planning to Change How Nurses and Caregivers are Recruited

Assaf Shalvi Discusses How He’s Reinventing Nurse & Caregiver Recruitment ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Assaf Shalvi, CEO and Founder of SWIFT SHIFT, is an […]