Improving The Pediatric Discharge Process

The Problem at Hand

Across all hospitals and healthcare systems, reducing the length of stay (LOS) and on-time discharges are the greatest objectives. Pediatric hospitals and care management teams work towards minimizing excess days so patients can be back home comfortably with their families. 

The shortage of quality home care nurses and caregivers within the market is due to major pain points throughout the discharge process. Today, the system suffers from the low retention rates of home care professionals. These challenges stem from the unique skills that are required for pediatric patients’ plan of care, along with low hourly wages earned.

Discharge Case Managers are now dedicating most of their shift searching for staffing solutions, resulting in delayed discharges. With an average of 52 delayed discharge days per patient in the United States, hospitals face lower patient capacities, readmissions, and increased costs.

Current Discharge Process

The current discharge process was designed before the market suffered from a shortage of home care employees. Pediatric hospitals rely on home care agencies to staff discharge cases every day, but with a shortage of home care professionals, post-care management is negatively impacted. Additionally, many home care agencies do not have the ability to thoroughly match nurses with available cases. With this imbalance, there is a disconnect between nurses looking for cases and patients who are in need of care.

This process resembles a long game of “telephone,” creating obstacles in providing the best health outcome for the patient. The process is not a fully optimized process due to the lack of technology.

How Can We Improve the Results? 

SWIFT SHIFT’s transitional care management system helps to improve the efficiency of case managers. We use our platform to broadcast available cases to home care nurses and caregivers, sharing HIPAA-compliant case descriptions and details. Moreover, nurses and caregivers are able to view cases that work for their skillset and schedule, ensuring that it is a successful match not only for them but also for the patient.

With a database of over 20,000 nurses and caregivers, we have access to quality home care professionals who can provide the needed services. After a home care professional shows interest in a case, our team connects the nurse or caregiver with the patient’s family to assess the match. 

Through the use of our platform, we help to increase the amount of discharged cases, improve the quality of the care, and boost the retention of nurses and caregivers in home care.



How SWIFT SHIFT Is Tackling COVID-19

Maddie Michowski


Maddie Michowski

While we continue to serve our communities, we are working to play a key role in the wellness and safety of our team, users, and home care clients.  

Over the last few weeks, we completed a series of in-depth interviews with home care professionals on the effects of the coronavirus within home care and identified safety and financial wellness as two primary concerns across the industry (read about that here!). In response, SWIFT SHIFT has launched a number of capabilities to improve caregiver health, safety, and financial stability. 

Improving Patient Hospital Discharge 

SWIFT SHIFT is offering a free partnership to hospitals to help safely expedite hospital patient discharge. Our platform helps discharge case managers find local, available, high-quality care teams quickly, enabling hospitals to make room for patients with the most urgent needs. 

Making Payroll Faster to Help Make Ends Meet

With SwiftPay, SWIFT SHIFT enables caregivers to receive their earned wages immediately following a shift, rather than having to wait until payday.  During these trying economic times, this service can help close the gap and reduce financial stress for caregivers.

Staying Connected with Group Chats and Community Chats 

In response to the communication frustrations during this time, we launched Care Team Chat. The tool enables home care professionals to communicate with their teams securely, and in real-time, through the SWIFT SHIFT mobile app. Teams can easily stay informed on patient needs and health changes, schedule updates, and more.

Our team has also created Community Chats. This feature enables caregivers to share news, comment on current events, ask questions, and engage with members of their geographic community. These features will enable caregivers to stay connected in an environment where information-sharing and safety tips are playing an especially critical role.

Standing Together, Even if  Virtually

Our team has been working collaboratively and passionately, from our own homes, as we navigate these unchartered waters. As an organization, SWIFT SHIFT is committed more than ever to making thoughtful choices to improve home healthcare employee work conditions.  We will continue to monitor COVID-19 developments and look for additional ways to keep professional caregivers healthy, connected, and financially secure during this challenging time. 

Thank you again to our SWIFT SHIFT users, as well as all healthcare professionals, for your work and service during this time. You are true superheroes.