How A Change in Logo Can Reflect the Evolving Company’s Vision

When building SWIFT SHIFT, our main priority was to improve the state of America’s home health care system, starting with those affected most: nurses and caregivers. As a nation, we have a nursing shortage causing foreseeable crisis in the coming years. With this, it became apparent that the outdated homecare system needed a solution-oriented revamp. At SWIFT SHIFT, we envisioned a system powered by technology that serves homecare workers foremost, and subsequently permeates and helps to benefit all parties involved: our agencies and patients. We came to find that this begins at the scheduling and recruitment level.

Understanding that the task at hand was no small feat, yet still absolutely essential, we visioned the best technology solution for the home healthcare industry, leveraging experience from companies like Google, Juno, Uber, 888, etc. We imagined how AI and Machine Learning implemented in a fine UI would revolutionize the industry and transform the lives of workers, agencies, patients and their families. This became our end goal.

Today, SWIFT SHIFT resides at the intersection of technology and people. We wanted our logo to represent the way that our technology serves as both a professional function, but also allows for an improved lifestyle for homecare workers, better care for patients, and higher satisfaction for agenciesall feats from the heart.

The starting point for our new logo became quite obvious. The home and the heart quickly came to represent our company and symbolize our “people-first” approach.

For our font, we used Ryoichi Tsunekawaa’s Bebas Neue. Because of its familiar clean lines, elegant shapes, blend of technical straightforwardness, and simple warmth, we felt that this is a blend that reflects who we are and what we do. For our website and communication, we picked the Rajdhani font. The squared and condensed appearance may be interpreted as technical or even futuristic; similar to our vision.

Our colors were to make it clear that this is not just one symbol, but a connection of twothe homecare industry and the backbone of its survival: people.

Since 2016, SWIFT SHIFT continues to grow and evolve into a company that is passionate about working through everyday issues facing caregivers and their agencies. Through this growth comes change, including our logo and branding.  We are proud of these changes and excited to share the future of homecare with the rest of the world.

We would like to thank Studio Almog Dvir for developing and executing the brand transformation.


  • Yeah Hi Dan..
    Not trying to cause offense to you as you feel the need to ‘clue me in ‘ on the bigger picture here on your new logo design for Swift Shift. I am actually quite culturally in tune believe it or not. But I am also a common sense visualizer.It doesn’t say /represent what you , the designer meant to convey. All the typical user (and I speak for many co- workers that commented on it )see ,is not something advertising shifts available or what the app even stands for, but 2 letter s’s fighting( or if I may be so blunt , doing a personal inappropriate act) . It is the truth Sir . Hate to bare bad news and I’m sure the intentions were honorable. But from a professional stand point I would re-think at least the design aspect .I get nothing from it that it is for home care providers seeking shifts.All joking aside(and I am a firm believer in comedy ) it just brings to mind the episode of ‘’ The Office’’ when they accidentally print a cartoon image on their paper that is being inappropriate with another cartoon. Funny- but probably not what you want us going around comparing your company image to. Thanks for your interest in this. Jenny Shenenberger

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