Introducing Machine Learning to the Homecare Industry: An Opportunity to Empower

Amazon uses it to predict what product you may want to buy. Netflix uses it to predict which show you would like to watch. Chase and other banking apps use it to predict what your handwriting says on a check, and Uber uses it to predict where the next rider will be to send a car.

“Imagine 100 human brains trying to crack the ‘best-fit’ client for a caregiver and succeeding in milliseconds.”

Machine Learning gives us the ability to predict the very near future in relatively high certainty.

Machine Learning gives us the ability to predict the very near future in relatively high certainty.

How Does It Work?

To make accurate predictions, Machine Learning crunches a lot, and I mean, a lot of data. When Chase first introduced check reading capabilities they had to teach the machine to read a check by feeding it with millions of check images. Along with this, they had to introduce every transaction that the bank had recorded when processing the check until the machine finally “got it” and quickly understood how to read a check with almost 100% accuracy.
At SWIFT SHIFT, we strive to make the work of homecare nurses and caregivers better, easier, more comfortable, and more lucrative.

Our Platform Increases Homecare Reliability (with the use of Machine Learning) by Driving 4


  1. Better Relationships → Between caregivers and nurses, their teams, clients, and CSMs— our platform drives better communication and a sense of commitment and connection to the team and to the client.
  2. Better Data → The platform provides nurses and caregivers with accurate, up-to-date, relevant information about their clients, their team and their work so that they can make the best decisions and take the right action.
  3. Better Knowledge → We can now give nurses and caregivers the resources and tools they need to excel in their professional life.
  4. Choice & Ownership → Nurses and caregivers now have a choice and the ability to manage their shifts and clients with the help of technology.

Imagine 100 human brains trying to crack the “best-fit” client for a caregiver and succeeding in milliseconds. We recently completed an 8-month project to power our platform with Machine Learning so that we can better serve caregivers nurses and CSMs.
The new platform we built provides us with the ability to start and make really cool predictions that give our beloved users a much better service:

  • Predict which is the best client for you → Client retention is a huge challenge in homecare. 30% of nurses and caregivers leave their clients within the first month. At SWIFT SHIFT, we process millions of shifts per month and track client retention across hundreds of thousands of clients. This allows the platform to make better predictions as to which client can be the best potential fit for each caregiver. Now you can spend less time looking for the best client and more time working with your favorite ones.
  • Provide nurses and caregivers with a personal “assistant” → Machine Learning allows applications to have conversations in natural language and answer support questions quickly and effectively by finding the relevant information and giving it to the user quickly. We spoke with SWIFT SHIFT users and many said they preferred a conversational experience within our app. Instead of buttons and text fields, we have a conversational chat that offers available shifts and cases, announces schedule changes, and answers simple questions on clients and schedules. Our chat bot, Marge (named after our customer service manager), is managing over 10,000 conversations at any given point in time and is able to learn from each conversation. This way Marge continues to learn over time what information is important for you to know when a shift becomes available to make the best decision.What hourly rate will generate some interest in the shift? Who should be approached first to minimize spam and unread communications? The ability to learn from each conversation and instantly implement the learning in 10,000 other dialogues is helping us constantly improve the nurse and caregiver experience as well as fill more hours and help serve more employees.
  • Predict the future → Our Machine Learning roadmap includes predictions that will help nurses and caregivers to focus on the right client by predicting which clients are at high risk. The platform can predict which nurse or caregiver will deliver the best outcome for each client. SWIFT SHIFT can also predict which certification or training will be the most useful for a nurse or a caregiver to acquire to maximize their job opportunities.

At SWIFT SHIFT we’re always looking for ways to use technology to make nurses and caregivers happier at their job, and now we can use the power of machine learning to deliver a more personal service to more nurses and caregivers and help them spend less time on finding work and managing work and more time with their clients – helping them thrive and recover.

To find out more about how our Machine Learning technology can help you, your office, or your agency ⁠— visit to request a demo today.

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