Philly First: Join the BOOST BETA Launch

We have a vision for the future of Home Healthcare recruitment, staff management, and engagement. Our country is facing a nurse shortage crisis with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The lack of digital infrastructure that currently exists to properly address this issue inspired the .

BOOST was tailored-made to support the intricacies of home healthcare (HHC) agencies and designed with the nurse and caregiver in mind. With $.53 of every dollar spent on HHC recruitment being blown on the re-engagement of clinicians who have already been hired, vetted, and trained, Boost was designed to swiftly address this massive hole in the recruitment funnel.

Boost is a re-engagement engine for nurses and caregivers to easily apply for open cases from their smartphones. With sophisticated targeting, agencies present their inactive roster of previously employed nurses and caregivers cases according to clinician’s skillset, location, and case preferences. By qualifying so many important factors to successful nurse-patient matching, to a ready-to-work roster of past employees, home healthcare agencies can significantly shorten and deflate the recruitment funnel.

Philadelphia P.A. was meticulously reviewed by SWIFT SHIFT’s key partners and stakeholders as the best launching point for such a necessary, innovative technology. It’s no coincidence that Amazon is eying Philly closely as the best spot for their Headquarters. Philadelphia as a community has already proven it’s openness to innovation especially where Healthcare is concerned.

Our technology was built ultimately to answer a growing pain in the industry, for caregivers and also for families. We see our success and our customers’ success serving the greater good of more accessible healthcare options for Americans who need it. So, to better serve the city of brotherly love, we are offering a free trial of Boost for recruitment. Qualifying Home Healthcare agencies will get personalized training from our team and the opportunity to fill open visits from their roster of inactive nurses in an on-demand, digital platform.

This offer stands for a limited time, so don’t hesitate.

Or learn more about BOOST here.


Assaf Shalvi, CEO and Founder of SWIFT SHIFT, is an entrepreneur passionate about creating infrastructure to empower labor force sectors on the low end of the earning scale. Prior to launching SWIFT SHIFT, Shalvi built, an employee marketplace platform, and worked for MAXIMUS, where he assisted governments in upgrading and streamlining workforce participation programs and policies.

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