Private: White Paper: Discover Your Hidden Workforce

Stop the Revolving Door of Recruitment

Re-engage your most qualified, valuable nurses

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Recruitment is costing health care organizations close to $3 billion every year, with only 53% of this cost accounting for growth.

Download our latest White Paper to learn how to:

  • Increase cases filled/ hours worked without increasing overhead
  • Decrease churn with meaningful enagements
  • Re-engage & reinvigorate inactive roster of nurses & caregivers

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Assaf Shalvi, CEO and Founder of SWIFT SHIFT, is an entrepreneur passionate about creating infrastructure to empower labor force sectors on the low end of the earning scale. Prior to launching SWIFT SHIFT, Shalvi built, an employee marketplace platform, and worked for MAXIMUS, where he assisted governments in upgrading and streamlining workforce participation programs and policies

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