Happy Employees Stay Longer

SwiftPay increases the retention of homecare workers. Grow a reliable homecare business with SwiftPay

Getting paid daily is now a standard

The Homecare market is growing as more people need help to stay at home and out of hospitals. This is a great opportunity for homecare providers. However, the growing shortage of nurses and caregivers makes it hard to take advantage of the growth opportunity.

Average employee turnover is over 100% a year for most homecare providers. 30% leave their clients or the agency within the first month. Recruitment is also tough with less than 3% of job applicants ever working a shift or generating revenue.

We want to attract employees to come and work in homecare, but how can we compete? Salaries are capped by reimbursement rates, and payment cycles are long…

In the meantime companies like Starbucks, Uber, McDonald's, Wallmart and many others offer same day payments, job flexibility and similar pay rates per hour for easier jobs.

Highest Payout Rate, powered by machine learning

Our machine learning models allow us to accurately predict the net pay of the employee, and provide your employees with the highest possible daily downpayments. Highest payout = happiest employees

Built for Large Homecare Enterprises

Our clients include some of the largest homecare providers in the country. So we know what you care about:
- HIPAA compliant with BAA coverage
- High security and encryption
- EMR/CMS integration
- NO(!!!!) change to your HR or Payroll processes

Lowest Cost, fastest time to value

- Go live in less than 2 weeks
- $1.99 per withdrawal - best value in the market

What you can expect:

Improve retention by 40%

Average tenures in homecare range between 180-240 days on average per employee. Customers that use SwiftPay increase their retention by 40%(!) on average almost instantly. That's the difference between breaking even on your hiring cost to doubling your money!

Increase employee retention, attract new talent

Your employees are your best ambassadors for new talent. Hiring through your employee network delivers the highest quality at the lowest cost. Give this channel a boost with SwiftPay. Employees can invite friends to join your agency through the SwiftPay app!

Fill more shifts, reduce overhead cost

Scaling your operation without having to hire more CSMs is always a challenge. SwiftPay helps advertise open clients, attract candidates and help your team fill more hours with less effort.

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SWIFT SHIFT is committed to making thoughtful choices to improve home healthcare employee work conditions. The company will continue to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak daily.Read our response here