What is Swift Shift?

Meet the world’s first nurse-managed pediatric home care service


The SWIFT SHIFT App allows nurses and nursing assistants to choose and schedule homecare cases on their own, all in the palm of their hand.

How It Works

Nurses and caregivers register with the SWIFT SHIFT App by filling out a profile which details their location, educational background, skills, experience, pay range, and personal preferences. SWIFT SHIFT then harnesses its technology and presents them with a list of personally-matched homecare cases, and they choose the specific cases they want to work.*

What used to take many phone exchanges now takes a minute. And to boot, the SWIFT SHIFT App has features for continual direct communication between management and staff, and among nurses and caregivers as a team.

The autonomy over case choice, schedule, and engagement with team members allows nurses and nursing assistants to feel empowered, and more excited for every workday, improving retention rates. And most importantly, your staff feel freed up to do what they want to do most: happily care for your patients.

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SWIFT SHIFT is committed to making thoughtful choices to improve home healthcare employee work conditions. The company will continue to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak daily.Read our response here